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Gauze Filter

SKU: VA-V35407400

A gauze filter, also known as a wire mesh filter, is a type of filter that uses a woven or knitted metal mesh material to capture and remove contaminants from a fluid or gas stream. The mesh is typically made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metals.

Suitable For:

Valtra – A75N, A85N, A95N, A75L, A85L, A95L, C100, C110, C120, C120E, C130, C150, C90, M120, M120E, M120H, M130, M150, T120, T130, T140E, T150, T160, T170, T180, T190, T120C, T120CH, T130C, T130CH, T140EC, T140ECH, T160C, T160CH, T170C, T170CH, T150C, T150CH, XM130, A72, A82, A92, A72L, A82L, A92L, N122V, N142V, N122D, N142D, N113H3


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